After expecting to blog every week about how my garden grows according to my ambitious plans, I’ve met with, well, failure. How embarrassing.

The peppers, garlic, dill, mint, pole beans, carrots, chard, beets, and other stuff didn’t grow.

My above-ground planter box, 12″ deep, has been good for nothing except the two plantain weeds I put there for my rabbits. Even when I transplanted lettuce there – capped with a glass shelf to deter the birds – it failed. All my lettuce sprouts die or get stolen wherever I transplant them, and it’s getting really frustrating that this happens.

Many tomato seedlings sprung up. After the section intended for chard, beets, and spinach failed, I put the tomatoes in. At least they liked it. I feel like tomatoes can survive anything.

Consider me discouraged, but not down or out. Summer’s not over yet. I do have some lovely photos to share of the plants that grew decently this summer in the backyard.

After boxing up and adding new soil to the section intended for salad – all stolen by small birds and animals – the perimeter wasn’t good enough. The sparrows were coming in from the top.
I replanted cucumbers around the perimeter and Swiss chard near the edges. The lettuce is still failing!
No cavolo to see, but just enough rocket, endive, and volunteer tomato plants.
Some bean seedlings near the wall, but they do not grow (esp. since a rabbit attack)
All that really remains of my many, many bean seedlings
The skunk attacked this lily
Lilies, at least, can be counted upon whatever the weather.

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