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See, if I’d done this right…

I’d have updated this site BEFORE submitting the rewrite of a certain article that helps people (like you) design and market an idea.

But that’s not how I do things, because I live like I want. And you might not believe me now, but the plan this week, after painting a few walls and reviewing a few months of photos, was to get down to brass tacks and give BCLH the loving refurbishment that it deserves.

Because it does deserve it. There’s a lot that’ll get updated for statistics and knowledge that’s emerged in the interim from when I first posted, to new things I’m gonna want to talk about. There are also some posts that have withered on the vine and either need to be pruned or fertilized with updated photos.

It’s coming! Enjoy what you do read and see here, and check back again soon.

Spring 2021: a long-ish update

Sorry about my over-long absence – it’s been so long that the interface WordPress shows me is unfamiliar, and I’m distracted by its novelty and the maintenance backlog —and more ideas of things to do on this blog.

In both 2019 and 2020 I had the intention to write much more, but I couldn’t bring myself to. I’d log in, do the routine maintenance, and then a strong bout of snooziness would overtake me. And the longer I failed to do something new and different here, the more I felt guilty. Not posting when-I-could-have is a lost opportunity to show at least several hundred people the beneficial things I’d learned that they might try, or some of the fun stuff I’d been up to.

The fact is, I’ve already set up my home with bird strike-proofing. I have a garden that grows food (or…not; last summer I got a grand total of 6 apple-sized tomatoes and maybe a pint basket of autumn-green, kitchen-ripened cherry tomatoes), flowers, and native plants. These activities may not be common, but they’re as quotidian to me as going through the motions of private daily life. So writing about them isn’t a constant source of inspiration like they were when I was adopting new, green practices. They feel more like empty bragging: look what I have; hope you can do the same!

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