I love marmots sooooo much, and my Fat Sassy Groundhog Babies post is one of my more popular… so here it comes again. My Groundhog Day February 2 Birthday Fundraiser for the Vancouver Island Marmot. And I’m doing it the lazy way. One that I’m going to remember to post to the blog properly in time for it next year (yes, this year I was late, and back-dated it). Here we go, details on Facebook:

The cover photo to the post – just enjoy the pic or click through to the rest

If you might donate next year, and you don’t have a Facebook account, say something in the comments so I can try to rig up a reminder and an alternative method of donating.

DYK? My mother use to, and many people still say “Rabbits rabbits rabbits” – and apparently some say “White rabbit” (except to me, that’s Hervé) on the first day of the month? It’s supposed to ensure good luck for the rest of it. Silly humans. Here’s a personal essay about it (not mine, someone else’s). What I tend to do, besides say it, is catch my bunnies and cut their little claws.