At long last, I finally have a new front fence. I could go digging through my blog posts or photographs to show you its somewhat ugly predecessor – which I had built in a rush and with limited resources in 2010. But really, why mar your eyes, when I can show you the beauty of the new fence, in a pic taken by a non-photographer with the ever-ready iPhone? (It’s true: when I aim to please, I use an old Kodak EasyPix.)

As I wrote last year in one of my most popular posts (on making Red Pepper Jelly), I don’t have a post-pounder, an auger, or a sharp-shooter for digging the post holes. Page wire is the kind of fence I wanted, minus the barbed wire, however, when I found welded-wire fence at the hardware store, I bought it to finally commit to the project. I posted it would look something like this when done, except with nice round cedar fence posts from the country, and not square city posts.

I rented a post digger shovel from Home Depot, and I got the help of one fine friend, Marc. He thought that round posts or square posts made a difference in ease of installation, until we got to work and saw it made no difference at all. We used six posts for the fence. Each one took about 45 minutes to dig – or at least it felt that way!

The sun was bright, and it was hot, and hair-metal music played on the boom box (which was called a Ghetto Blaster in Mr. T’s day). We joked about wearing beer t-shirts just to fit the work image. Marc had too much beer the night before, so we saved all cap-twisting for when the work was done.

When we stretched the fence and it looked slacker than fences usually do, a wonderful man stopped by just to tell us we were doing it exactly right. He said when this kind of fence is tight on a hot day, when the cold weather comes, it tenses right up, and this causes fences to heave over. Awesome. Practical information to thwart the cosmetic perfectionist! And make the fence last a long time.

Here are the photos from the end of the day:

Welded wire fence and cedar posts

From ground level, the welded wire fence and posts

welded wire fence, facing the house

Fence view, from the corner facing in – with an experimental stick in the way along the top of the fence

welded wire fence with postsFrom the gate post, view from the top of the steps

And a gratuitous shot of my backyard, simply because I’m proud of the formerly-sad irises that have taken so nicely to the patch under the cedars.

Back yard view of pond

Back yard view of pond

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