This is a very short and sweet curated list about attracting wildlife: 10 Cool Ways To Attract Endless Wildlife To Your Backyard! 

Here’s a list of the ideas you can find in the article (I won’t replicate the article, but I will star ⭐️ the ones I’d like to do myself, and then I’ll link to them when I’m done):

  • Build a bug and bee hotel (two versions in this article, both bigger and better than my Mason bee house)
  • Make a worm hotel – a terrarium; this isn’t an “attraction” project, but a weekend activity so that children can witness what worms do in the soil
  • Make a butterfly feeder ⭐️ (I’ll do this whenever there are many butterflies around, like the painted lady eruption Montreal had in 2017)
  • Build a Colonial-style bird house ⭐️ (very ambitious!)
  • Tutorials on how to attract ladybugs (basically: do what I do, and don’t forget roses, too!), hummingbirds, or frogs to your garden (you will need proximity to wood and wetland for them to make their way to you)
  • Make a bat house ⭐️
  • Make a wine bottle bird feeder. I actually have using a cheese grater from IKEA as the dish; it drains rainwater to keep the seed dry, and the birds love it. So do the squirrels, so I rarely fill the bottle. They know how to empty it!
A little Chipping sparrow, using the feeder in June 2019