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Bird-killing window – Windsor Salt, Pointe Claire, QC

This happened two years ago – to me – if I found the Canada Warbler around 8:30 AM one morning, surely many more are found every day.

In Toronto this past Monday, I saw a newly constructed glass building, in the newly built West Don Lands area, that used bird-friendly glass. We need to implement this everywhere! There is a push to make it standard, but it’s only beginning, it feels like, with all the (#$%*&! non-environmental anyway!) glass buildings being constructed.

Here is a guide on bird-friendly retrofitting your windows:

And here is a guide about what DOES NOT work:

American readers, you can support Audubon and the push to standardize bird-friendly building measures and standards in this action alert for the Federal Bird-Safe Buildings Act

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Link: Audubon Society explains how to prevent window collisions

via Audubon Society on Twitter: “.@Audubon_MN explains how to prevent birds from colliding with windows, at home and across your community:”