I once wrote about small paper wasp hives at residences. You can read that short post here. Today’s post is because in August, wasps can become rather bothersome. Well, the reason why the wasps are so pestering lately is because (I read, need a refresher) they are male and they have served their purpose of gathering food for the larvae, so they’re no longer getting nectar rewards. Starving, they are looking for anything sweet to eat.

That’s not the only way in which the female wasps cut off the males. They also “stuff” them into cells to starve them.  

My neighbour’s tree was dropping apples all over the ground, so that’s where the wasps were. They were very peaceful, and were probably drunk (like moose get, too). In 2014, I had a bunch of hornets hanging around drinking sap from a wounded sumac tree. Of course, I was worried about the potential for stings, and I hosed the tree down several times a day and tended to the wound while the hornets were stunned. The sooner the wound stopped seeping, the sooner they would go away.

Here is a quirky anecdote from a city Brit transplanted to the country, about her habituation to paper wasps.

Not all wasps are dangerous to people. They can be beneficial, too. 

Moral: If you are getting bothered by wasps this time of year, put out some sugar water or juice a little ways away from you’re sitting, and don’t panic.