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A short video prior to a garden session

When I got home from the nursery for the Rewilding garden session, I took this video for you to enjoy:


The results of the Rewilding garden session

I got up early on Saturday morning to make it up to Pepinière Jasmin, where I can always find some native/indigenous plants, even at the end of the planting season. One of the native plant suppliers was Aiglon Indigo.

I got the following plants for the garden and the walls of my house: Continue reading

NPR’s Freakonomics podcast: How Stupid is Our Obsession with Lawns?


A friend just turned me on to last week’s episode on America’s obsession with lawns. It has a lot of different points of view and recommendations on what to do differently; native species, alternative lawn care, and urban agriculture are some of the topics. Listen here:

Plants for Birds – a garden planning resource

Are you getting ready to plan your garden? If so, here’s a find! While its integration with local merchants doesn’t apply to Canadian gardeners (as we wouldn’t be able to shop and bring plants back across the border), we share some of the same Zones as the northern states (for example, Montreal is in Zone 5). As a Native Plants database cross-referenced with birds that enjoy those plants, it’s great research for making decisions — that migrating birds can then benefit from, as they pass through.

How to use it:

You have to enter your email address and a US zip code. Montreal is closest to Champlain, NY, so I looked it up at 12919.

(Entering your details gives you direct access to the database, no need for a subscription confirmation.)

Armed with plant ideas and information (from all the pretty pictures!), we can then enquire at local nurseries, plan, and plant.

What’s one thing you can do today to help birds? Grow bird-friendly plants!

The Audubon Society launched a website called “Plants for Birds” that helps American gardeners find plants in their area that will encourage birds to visit and stay awhile. Click the pictures to be taken to the site.

Birds, in order: male Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Black-throated Blue Warbler, American Goldfinch, female Ruby-throated Hummingbird,

Source: Plants for Birds

Green4r has now been rolled into Rewilding

A subtle change to our web presence has occurred in that our old website,, or, has now been redirected into our Rewilding blog here. Some old Green4r blog posts – or, those that weren’t already there and haven’t moved yet – will be moving to the general blog at, at a timely location in the choronology, or at an upcoming time when they will be most relevant for you.

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