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I use social media a lot, so BCLH has several social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, linked in the page footer –  Like/Follow us, please!). Also, if you’re on Medium, follow me  for blog posts and other articles there. But this is something different.

As with almost every mailing list out there, you’ll get content first, or things that I won’t offer elsewhere. Why? To reward your involvement. Also, display and engagement on Social Media tends to be low, so if I post it there, you won’t necessarily see it. For events or comment-worthy pieces,  there needs to be critical mass for people to find out and join the fun.

Example first crack at our events. I hosted an EventBrite-ticketed workshop, a native landscaping session, in September 2017. I expect, from time to time, to partner with other organizations in promoting events we share an interest in. I do try to help environmental and birding organizations spread the word about an opportunity to get outside and do something good.

I also want your Questions so that I can Answer them. In fact, you can expect every newsletter to have a mention of the latest blog post, an event or two, a research resource or a relevant news article I found, and a Q&A.

When I don’t have a Q&A, then I’ll send out a DIY.  As you may know, I perform a landscaping service. I can help you have the same rich experience at your home, your way, in a fraction of the time it took me to create mine. Or I may just pick a DIY project that is fanciful enough that it has little to do with gardening.

You can also expect the occasional special offer (just for subscribers and their referrals), so I can reward people for recommending BCLH or Rewilding for private and community projects.

So go ahead, click “Subscribe.” I’ll be in touch when I’ve met my critical mass of subscribers, or if there’s something exceptional you can take advantage of.  It won’t be often – once a month, maybe twice a month during the work season –  and it will be short and sweet.