Do you hate mowing the lawn? I used to. We had a lawn that was half the size of a football field, and I spent many hours as a child, and lots of gasoline spilled, on that activity. Loads of gasoline spilled, actually. It kills the grass, but after a week or two, the grass comes back.

A friend just turned me on to last week’s Freakonomics podcast episode on America’s obsession with lawns. It has a lot of different points of view and recommendations on what to do differently; native species, alternative lawn care, and urban agriculture are some of the topics. Listen here:

If you prefer to read an article instead, there’s 2013’s Outgrowing the Traditional Grass Lawn – Scientific American Blog Network.

The ideas we are trying to implement at Rewilding have been around a few years now. it takes time for people to accept and adapt. If you have a yard, please consider replacing it by turning into a meadow or something equally hospitable. We’ll help you. 

This blog post needs an update. There’s a lot of material that I’ve received from one of my resources, talking about lawn replacement initiatives. I’d pass some of it forward by email when I’ve attained enough subscribers to get the list going, so subscribe!

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