Due to the popularity of this post (the fact that you’re reading it), please set yourself an alert to check back at BLCH by the end of April. I’ll be doing an annual blog post as soon as the information is available on when the plant give-away weekends take place across various parts of Montreal. I’ll do my best to find out when it is at least by the first weekend in May — which is when you might want to go shopping for seedlings, anyway.

Jane, april 2019

If you like gardening, there’s always a weekend in May that’s our big weekend. There’s always a coördinated extravaganza to get people motivated to get their plants into the ground at the best possible time. Events, including native and ornamental plant sales, are happening all weekend long, notably at the Botanical Garden. This afternoon on the Plateau there’s another plant swap/ giveaway. Details for that can be seen on the PlantCatching website: http://plantcatching.com/en/partagevegetal

It’s also the weekend that some boroughs of the Ville are giving away plants to residents for their balconies and yards. I’m off this morning to collect flowers – it’s my borough’s weekend – but pretty much ALL of them give flowers and compost away every year. Call 311 for your area. The giveaway usually begins at 10 AM, with a few (3 – 4) locations for each borough. They are not well-advertised because even without advertising, they still draw a huge crowd. Bring a pail for your compost and a sturdy bin or bags for your plants. Arrive early; the line-ups are usually an hour long.

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