Six weeks before the frost sets in (traditionally, people consider Canadian Thanksgiving the first-frost date, but it comes later), gardeners can get an early start on the next year’s garden and crops. This time of year is perfect for doing transplants, as roots are not as subject to water and heat stress, and have a chance to establish themselves before the coming winter .

I’ve decided that it’s time for an event: a fall-oriented gardening session. We’ll prepare a garden for next year, and plant native species. This event is for the avid or casual gardener, or anyone who wants to get their hands dirty while learning about native and cultivated plants for biodiverse wildlife gardens. You are welcome to bring plants from your garden for swapping with other gardeners.

It starts by removing unwanted plants, which you can take home and replant. I’ll buy whatever is available from native nurseries, and garden centres. We’ll spread a generous layer of compost mulch over the new garden, and participants can take some extra of that home – so bring a bucket!

This hands-on event is a collaborative learning opportunity.  We’ll share knowledge on gardening and native species, while creating shade and sun gardens for next year.

After the gardening session, we’ll have drinks and a vegetarian barbecue. There’s space for 8 to actively participate, and room for another 8 (children and partners welcome) to join in and partake in the discussion and refreshments afterwards.

Please get your tickets here:

You can view our new Eventbrite profile and get tickets for this event here:

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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