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NPR’s Freakonomics podcast: How Stupid is Our Obsession with Lawns?


A friend just turned me on to last week’s episode on America’s obsession with lawns. It has a lot of different points of view and recommendations on what to do differently; native species, alternative lawn care, and urban agriculture are some of the topics. Listen here:

Garden certification from Espace pour la vie

Hello, wildlife gardeners! Last year, I certified Big City Little Homestead’s garden as Wildlife-Friendly with the Canadian Wildlife Federation (you can too, and I’ll help!). As the Montreal Botanical Garden offers a similar service, I also registered my garden there. Here are the certificates I received:


Here is where you can register your garden: Certification is annual, so you need to update your pictures every year, by October 15th. There are three themes for certification:

  • Biodiversity garden
  • Bird  garden
  • Monarch oasis

They have a map extension they call the “Gardenaut Gallery,” so that you can visit the photos that gardeners have submitted to the program – there are over over 300 entries in all of Quebec!

My entry is here:

A green driveway conversion

Recently we posted about converting a standard residential parking space to a Green driveway. It is a pictorial, part of our Project portfolio. Click here to see our before, during, and after! Three months after completing the job (in mid-May), we are still pleased with the results.