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Now: What does BCLH need a mailing list for?

BCLH and Rewilding publishes posts about once or twice a month, and we are also active on our links in Social, below and to the side >>. We had our first EventBrite-ticketed workshop  in September 2017, for a native landscaping session.

If you wanted to keep on top of when we publish a blog post, you can go to our About page and scroll down to the RSS links at the bottom. Subscribe using your favourite RSS program, and you’ll get an email or a notification when we publish. Alternatively, follow us on Medium.

So what then is the purpose of the mailing list? Special offers! I get ideas. These will make their way out to world. That world includes you! This blog is all about appreciating the wild and the cultivated in-town, however I do have a landscaping service associated with it to help others do the same. I expect to take part in events, in which case I’d like to invite people. I may also run an occasional contest, or even a referral incentive program, so I can reward people for recommending BCLH or Rewilding for private and community projects. And finally, sometimes I’m looking for resources too – or I’m trying to help an environmental organization. Who better to ask than the people you know and respect?

We won’t spam you with a monthly newsletter (though in our fussy don’t-like-email books, monthly isn’t spammy). So go ahead. Click “Sign up.” We’ll be in touch when there’s something to share.  It won’t be often, but it will be short and sweet.