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Late Garden Update

Sorry for the delay with my St-Jerome garden update! A lot has happened since I started the project, most of which caused setbacks on the gardening front.

Biggest update: we have moved to Montreal in October. We made the decision in August, and then our apartment shopping and moving preparations took up a lot of my time.

Also, little Ariane did not start daycare last summer, as we originally planned. I soon found out that gardening in the front yard with a young toddler at home is not easy. On such a busy street, it was impossible for me to let her freely roam the garden while I worked.

Last “problem” with the gardening: weed! I had removed everything I could in the spring, including digging out as much of the grass roots as I could. But it grew back constantly, despite the mulch.
That being said, we had some success with the garden. We had a steady harvest of herbs. We also had good success with beans, some zucchini, pepper, swiss chard and tomatoes. We would have had tons of tomatoes, but it seems that one of our neighbors liked the tomatoes we planted in our driveway and was not shy about harvesting them all. I’m glad that at least it fed someone, but it would have been fun to have a little taste for myself. Luckily the neighbor never touched the tomatoes in the front yard, so at least we had that.


I also loved my sunflowers. I regret not taking pictures. I had one large sunflower (variety unknown) and two “Autumn Beauty”. I was planning on harvesting the flower in late Fall, drying them and using them as bird feeders. Unfortunately we left the apartment before the seeds were ready.

As far as the overall appearance of the garden goes, I am happy with the results, at least at times when I could get weeds under control.


These little white flowers were front radishes I planted in early Spring but never got around to removing once they were past their prime. They made a nice little flowery bush.  I could have saved the seeds but I already have more radish seeds than I need.

An old ladder that had been left on side of the garage by previous occupants. I thought the flowers I planted at the base were climbing, but I must have bought the wrong variety. It would have looked so good with climbing flowers.

The cow pot is an old kettle that was starting to lose its enamel.

Overall, the project was not as perfect as I had envisioned it. I do tend to set the bar of my expectations really high. Still it was a good experience and I am looking forward to next year’s garden. We now have a new apartment in NDG with a large backyard. The landlord gave us permission to do anything with the backyard, except plant trees. So we are hoping to build raised beds for our vegetable garden and possibly plant some fruit bushes (redcurrant, rhubarb and maybe some blueberries). There should still be plenty of room left for Ariane and Tessa (our dog) to play.

I even have plenty of room in the basement to start my seedlings.

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  1. It's too bad you didn't take photos of the sunflowers. I'm sure they look lovely, though the photos you posted make up for their loss. Anyway, your garden looks great. I can tell that you've been taking good care of your plants well. Thanks for sharing that, Marie! All the best to you! 🙂

    Mike Mcmillen @ Dependable Lawn Care

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