Early last week I finally chopped up that head of cabbage and salted it in this pickle crock to make sauerkraut. I used the instructions from Boing Boing, who’s (god I’m a such a miscreant) whose creator sounds like the kind of guy I’d get along with. He wrote a book about making everything. You can read all about it when you get to the bottom of the “how to make sauerkraut” instructions.  
In my iteration, I have no 9-3/4″ wooden disk to cover the contents of the crock, but I phoned my Dad to ask him to cut me one, “and not out of plywood.” The old man actually sounded happy to have something to do, which is surprising because it was a favour for me and usually he’s like “screw you, I’ve enough to do, make it yourself.” But in this case, I can’t. It requires a band saw or at least a jig saw, and a belt sander to smooth the edges.
I tried to cover the cabbage with a plastic bag filled with water, but the bag leaked. So, I have more watery contents in the crock pot, but that’s OK because I added more salt, and it helps keep the environment anaerobic. The plate keeps most stuff from floating. I have no “bloom” on my stuff yet, and I hope that’s a good sign. One week later, my sauerkraut-in-the-making still looks like this: