I promised pics of the new rabbit that entered my life. It was a few weeks after I lost Ringo, and someone found a white rabbit a few blocks away on St. Antoine, near Georges-Vanier metro – right in the middle of the road, early in the morning. They contacted Quebec Rabbit Rescue – Secours Lapins Quebec, who can only facilitate rabbit rehoming, as they aren’t a shelter. QRR gave them my poster to identify if it was Ringo, but it wasn’t. They asked me to take him in anyway.
He is young, friendly, full of energy and curiosity, and he’s got a big appetite. It took a few weeks, but his name arrived: Hervé. One great thing about Hervé is that he actually likes being in the front yard, and his willingness to stay and graze influences the girls in a positive way. I have a lot fewer escapes to visit the neighbour’s (or hide under the car) than before, and the rabbits then get to stay out for longer. On Hallowe’en, he wanted out in the evening – no way! – and so was hanging around the front door as kids came by to trick-or-treat. He was also trying to get into the bowl of candy. He taught Elizabeth to go explore the bedrooms upstairs, looking for treats. He has attacked a few houseplants this way.
Avoiding the computer for a few months means I’ve had little thought for taking photos or sorting them when they upload. So here he is, the day he arrived:

He loves being pet. Here he’s assuming the position.

He also humps my girls. And they take it (most of the time) in the most unperturbed manner possible. Here he is, filling in his role as one-of-three.

Instead I’ll show you squirrels quite possibly humping.

And lastly, the sweet face of my “heart” rat Archie, who in the past 10 days has wasted away from the effects of what I thought was a pituitary tumour, but it’s pneumonia. I’ve nursed more than a half dozen pituitary cases over the years, and now I’m questioning if any others were pneumonia. Archie has been my brave explorer and shoulder-rider over the past year, preferring my company at that height over the hot pursuits and other predations of Dweezil, my resident terrorist. Now, I’m feeding and medicating Archie through a syringe, while he sleeps the day and night away. He still bruxes and stretches so I know he’s not comatose. It’s heartbreaking to see him this way, but we each have to face death, and if I can’t pull him back from the brink that I stupidly brought hime to, then my job is to make it as comfortable as possible.

Archie exploring under the deck in the garden.