This back-of-the-envelope sketch is my ambitious plan for my SPIN (small plot intensive) farm. It needs some explanation.
The upper left corner of the sketch is at my front step, where I presently have vines of Virginia creeper, and different heights of flowers. This is not about to change, though I will be planting hot peppers and sunflowers right there, where it’s sunny. I will also be planting morning glory, so that it can make a nice vine among the railings to the steps (the Virginia creeper grows straight up my wall, bypassing the trellis).
I’m going to have two beds along the insides of the box hedge (left) and middle fence (right, between me and my neighbours). I will put carrots, beets, and bush beans on one side and tomatoes, basil, parsley, and peppers on the other side. One-third of the sunniest section is devoted to pickling cucumbers.
Then I will have five round plots containing watermelon, musk melon (cantaloupe), butternut squash, zucchini, and pumpkin. Their locations will be determined by how much sun they need. The one in the middle now, the “squash” circle – and the cantaloupe circle – get the most sun. Watermelon gets the light shade of the tree that, you can see, has flowers and will hopefully have sweet peas (which are also my favourite flowers) surrounding it.

In text it doesn’t sound like much. The diagram is ambitious. It’s going to be crowded if it works! And as  SPIN farm, as plants produce their fruit, they get replaced with either the same plant again, or another for later in the season.