So here I was thinking “what the heck am I going to write about this week?” (you can tell if I’m writing about cell phones, I’m really hard up for ideas) and then…the clue comes in…it’s Christmas! And I’ve put up my lights in the window, and hung the wreath by my front door.
The wreath is one of my favourite things ever. I made it two years ago. Here is the play-by-play:

These are sticks cut from my box hedge in the fall, softened up in a hot shower, and then wrapped around and woven into a wreath.  [I suspect there’s some Virginia creeper in there, too.]

Then, wrapped around again with be-buttoned burlap ribbon bought at the dollar store many years ago, and then tied with a complicated bow. Off now to find out what else is suitable for decorating it. I know I have cranberries…

so now you have an idea what I look like on any given morning.
Using the plastic mistletoe and a foil ball spray with a ribbon – from the trove of Christmas decorations:

How about with a rat? Too cute, especially with his cheek spots. (My dearly departed Benjamin, AKA Beelzebubbles.)

Well, I can’t hang it outside with Benjamin, but I can use IKEA rats or mice:
The mice work better. The brown mouse on the right (real left; this photo is inverse) has a ribbon around its neck. The white mouse swinging on the mistletoe keeps the mistletoe in place. Because of the lopsidedness of the wreath, I re-centred it to the left – as you will see in the next pic. 
I even had a red-anodized-coated copper wire in my tool box (now, how can I be the Queen of Discardia, when the things I keep suddenly find a great purpose?) from which to hang the wreath outside. 

In the past year the wreath has one small addition that is just perfect: the trapeze mouse has a little bell on a red cord around its neck. 

I hope this post inspires you to make use of nature’s materials and foundling elements to create a work of awesome joy and fun. 

As an aside, one of my friends across the pond who saw my wreath pics wrote to me: Our neighbours didn’t take their wreath down after Christmas one year because they liked it so much. When they finally wanted to put it away in spring, they found that a robin had built a nest in it. They had to use the back door for months, until all the nestlings had left…