The Super C near me has a long row of cedars and then a traffic island with pines, honey locusts, and spirea bushes planted. As I was walking past, I saw and heard several unusual little birds, smaller than sparrows, with a striped breast and a quiet but constant song. Their flight was alarmingly quick. This video doesn’t give a clear picture of the three little birds on the ground, but their song and their foraging behavior ought to give their identity away to a better birder than me. 

Can you identify this bird? Answer in the Comments, please!

June 20th update: Though the comments tumbled their tumbleweed, we have two winning suggestions that concur: these birds were a family of Chipping sparrows. The young have striped breasts and they are all noisy and active in that kind of habitat. And today, when I walked through the parking lot again, I did not see them, but I did hear a chipping sparrow. One also visited my back yard this morning.