My dad, old farmer that he was in an extraordinarily conventional Ontario town, must have been applying an herbicide to the lawn, because this year, now that he’s gone, the lawn has gone to a heavenly variety of plants. Here’s a pictorial.

Tiny wild forget-me-nots

White and pinkish clover

Oxalis, something I don’t know, and forget-me-nots

A nicely filled-in patch where the rabbit hutch used to be

Lambs quarters, which are edible, by the fence. Lots of oxalis, edible with a lemony tang for salads

Creeping Charlie is the dark purple flower; the white flower would be open on a sunnier day

The white flower is just as unknown as the leafier one from above; you can see thistle on the right

Cultivated pepper plants where the ground is bare

Cultivated rhubarb, this patch about 4 years old. I have gathered seeds from a mature plant that I will hopefully harvest from in the next three years.

Unknown name, a less prickly thistle that is quite pretty
This here is ragweed, the kind that sets off people’s hay fever (allergies). I pull them up. Luckily the rabbits eat them.