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Ripening your green tomatoes

This is going to be the shortest blog post (aside from link shares) ever. In fact, here in October, I feel some chagrin for not posting this earlier, but if you still have tomatoes in the garden, they’re not going to ripen this season, unless you do this:

Pull up the plant in its entirety and hang it upside down in your garage or cold cellar. All the cherry tomatoes on this plant – and there were many more; I’ve harvested them regularly – were green when I pulled it up at the end of September. I’m getting a lot more than I thought possible – at least 40 off of 3 plants!

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with artist Françoise Bernardin to conceive and develop a new logo for Big City Little Homestead. What do you think? Feel free to send comments this way… (why? Because we haven’t developed any merchandise yet, so if something truly needs a tweak, we’d rather know now. Thanks!)

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