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Living rural in the city.


Montreal’s big plant swap & gardening extravaganza, May 28 – 29

If you like gardening, this is your big weekend. Events, including native and ornamental plant sales, are happening all weekend long at the Botanical Garden, and this afternoon on the Plateau, there is another plant swap/ giveaway. Details can be seen on the PlantCatching website:

I’m off this morning to collect flowers from the Ville – the different boroughs give flowers and compost away every year. The giveaway usually begins at 10 AM, with a few locations for each borough, but they are not well-advertised because they still draw a huge crowd. Call 311 for your area. Bring a pail for your compost and arrive early; the line-ups are usually long.

Make your chimney available to Chimney swifts

With the winter hearthfires put out until next autumn comes around, this article, how to make your chimney a home for chimney swifts, is an inspiration to an urban wildlife lover (click the link to read – about 6 minutes long). The key points are, if your chimney is not lined with a metal tube, you are in luck and you could host some chimney swifts. Their numbers have dwindled and habitat has declined, but with an open-sided chimney cap and a good cleaning of your chimney, you could take part in boosting their numbers now!

At Le Nichoir, where I have volunteered in the past, they have an aviary for rehab and a habitat for healthy chimney swifts. Continue reading