Thank you to the blog readers who have contacted me since my post about Ringo the rabbit going missing. Your messages have been read and appreciated even if I haven’t replied to them personally, yet, due to my inability to keep on top of my e-mail. And no, Ringo has not returned.

Now that we are in the dim days of late fall and winter, writing isn’t usually a problem in the evenings. I always saw summer as a time to work outdoors and in the light, and winter for working in place and taking time out to go socialize. From a historical perspective, this makes sense. Winter has always been the time for crafts, cultural activities, and socializing, whilst sequestered from the elements and a relative inability to do natural resources work.

Speaking of lumber and handy outside efforts, I built this bench about two weeks ago. First I finally decided to get rid of a bunch of deck boards that I’d had from last year’s and this year’s deck reduction; I used several planks to assemble this workbench that I’d been given the struts for. Luckily it stands comfortably over my 50+/- gallon storage box at the back of my garage so it is not in the way and it expands my storage/work area.

While the taker of my used lumber went over my boards, I measured the most suitable ones to cut and turn into the park bench. I had bought a triangle measure for the angle cuts, and dialed up the blade on my table saw to rip through them quickly. Then I screwed them all together with deck screws, and though the seat could be a wider plank than a 2×6 – such as the called-for 2×8 or even a 2×10 – it is a comfortable perch to sit with some food and a book and watch my rabbits graze the front yard. It also shows how sloped my yard actually is, as you can see a definite lean-to-the-right from a perfectly straight bench.



And there you have it for the garden for 2013. There only remains spreading the compost, getting more Swiss chard, protecting the roses, putting up the bird feeders, and more yard-time supervision of the rabbits until the snow flies. With my next blog post, I have to tell you about the rabbit who came into my life after poor Ringo went away. But you’ll have to wait a few days for that.